Family, Relationship and Life Counselling Centre
  • Discovering one's abilities
  • Solving conflicts
  • Finding a new lease of life;

We are offering:

Counselling, advice, and therapy for

  • Parents and families
  • Individuals and couples
  • Children and adolescents

Advice is available on:

  • Child's development and guidance
  • Family relationships
  • Social conflicts
  • Divorce, visitation rights and custody


  • Different groups are provided (e.g. on coping with split-up and divorce, social Competence Training for children, Trainings on Parenting)
  • Psychological diagnostics can be carried out

Our staff team is operating interdisciplinarily and comprises additionally qualified psychologists and social workers

  • Counselling is free
  • We are ideologically independent
  • Our staff team is subject to professional discretion

If you like to make an appointment please contact us:
(0911) 35 24 00

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Freitag, 19.01.2018:
Die Worte des HERRN sind lauter wie Silber, im Tiegel geschmolzen, geläutert siebenmal.
Psalm 12,7
Ihr scheint als Lichter in der Welt, dadurch dass ihr festhaltet am Wort des Lebens.
Philipper 2,15-16

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