Family, Relationship and Life Counselling Centre
  • Discovering one's abilities
  • Solving conflicts
  • Finding a new lease of life;

We are offering:

Counselling, advice, and therapy for

  • Parents and families
  • Individuals and couples
  • Children and adolescents

Advice is available on:

  • Child's development and guidance
  • Family relationships
  • Social conflicts
  • Divorce, visitation rights and custody


  • Different groups are provided (e.g. on coping with split-up and divorce, social Competence Training for children, Trainings on Parenting)
  • Psychological diagnostics can be carried out

Our staff team is operating interdisciplinarily and comprises additionally qualified psychologists and social workers

  • Counselling is free
  • We are ideologically independent
  • Our staff team is subject to professional discretion

If you like to make an appointment please contact us:
(0911) 35 24 00

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Samstag, 21.04.2018:
Stricke des Todes hatten mich umfangen, ich kam in Jammer und Not. Aber ich rief an den Namen des HERRN: Ach, HERR, errette mich!
Psalm 116,3.4
Die Jünger weckten Jesus auf und sprachen zu ihm: Meister, fragst du nichts danach, dass wir umkommen? Und er stand auf und bedrohte den Wind und sprach zu dem Meer: Schweig! Verstumme! Und der Wind legte sich und es ward eine große Stille.
Markus 4,38-39

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